06th March, 2012 :: 20:15:54

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Righthaven hoist by its own petard?

For the past two years a copyright enforcement company titled Righthaven LLC has been making its presence felt, filing actions against alleged US copyright infringers in the name of Stephens Media - publishers of the Denver Post & the otherwise respected Las Vegas Review-Journal.

More often than not, those companies on the receiving end settled for a lesser amount than the going rate of $150 000 rather than suffer the expense & stress of a court action.

This week Nevada federal US judge Philip Pro put the brakes on Righthaven, the brainchild of a Nevada lawyer, by denuding the company of almost 280 federal copyrights & the firm's trademark, ruling that these be handed to a court receiver to recover debts Righthaven has apparently incurred on cases where the defendants won.

It appears that a growing number of alleged infringers attacked by Righthaven decided to fight rather than fold...and won, depleting the company's war chest & generating a debt of some $180,680.

The publication Vegas Inc reports that Judge Pro found that Righthaven had no right to sue in a significant number of its actions, his conclusions reinforcing decisions by eight other judges in three US states who have found that Righthaven lacked legal standing.

There have also been a growing number of judgements that went against Righthaven on the basis that the alleged infringers were protected by the doctrine of fair use.


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