03rd April, 2012 :: 07:51:32

Source: Casinos Online

Swedish phenom's epic $500,000 session

Swedish poker ace Viktor Blom is $500,000 richer this week following his epic win against Isaac Haxton in the $1 Million SuperStar Showdown heads up clash Monday.

The two internet high stakes stars each put up $500,000 & joined battle after a series of preliminaries saw them rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Blom had a $281,000 lead from the previous heats going into the heads up with Haxton, which the two played over four $200/$400 virtual tables at Pokerstars. He pretty much dominated the game, taking down a $40,000 pot in the first hand & applying his trademark aggressive pressure almost continuously.

By the end of the first hour Haxton was on the ropes, facing a rampant Blom who had built his chip advantage to 9 to 1.

By the second hour Haxton was down to playing a single table with less than $80,000 in his stack, & it went rapidly south from there for him, but for a late run that raised his hopes & chip count to around 100,000.

Unfortunately for Haxton that brief run was not to last, & Blom continued to hammer away until Haxton's chip stack collapsed.


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